Who Will Protect Your Freedoms When The Worm Turns?

By Amanda Fox

I know that not everyone is a fan of the President and by some polls, about the same amount aren’t big fans of abortion either. To be honest, I’m not wearing a party hat and yelling “Yay for abortions, let’s all go get one this weekend!” either, but you can bet I am glad we have the ability to legally obtain, and for now at least, the right to decide on an individual basis if we personally need them or not. I think anyone that is a fan of personal freedoms has to be an advocate of the right to choose or they’re just being hypocritical. It’s my opinion, I’m entitled to it.

What gets me though, I mean really gets under my skin, was reading the news over the weekend. President Obama reiterated  as he has many times before, that abortion needs to remain legal and that states have got to be stopped from undermining that with all this, I’ll say what he didn’t, bullshit about transvaginal wands and scare tactic counseling that is being mandated left and right.



What got me riled up was that there were so many people opposed to abortion screaming the President needed to step back and shut up. He had no business criticizing any state for any choice they make – even if it is asinine. Even if it infringes on personal freedoms. No… he is supposed to sit there and do nothing… except when….

They want him to intervene and tell states they need to back off on guns and end these waiting periods and restrictions and so much ATF oversight creating red tape because no one should be denied the right to obtain assault rifles on demand. I’m an NRA member almost 25 years and even I think we need better regulations and oversight so don’t think I’m against the right to bear arms, I just want us to have a better idea who is actually being armed.

1docThey want the federal government to step in and intervene, in Colorado for instance, and tell the State legislature that they need to ignore the will of the people and not allow marijuana to be legalized in any manner. Aside from the little bit they have for their glaucoma and maybe the occasional joint at a party, and maybe just a little here and there and ….


They want to scream at him that he can’t let the federal government get involved in any manner with same-sex marriage because it is all about the choice the people of each state make, but he damn well better make sure that there are laws in place at the federal level to NOT allow those same sex marriages.


Do you see the common thread?

There is a group of people out there that is very vocal about wanting to make sure that women don’t have any choice when it comes to abortion. They want the states and federal government in there taking that choice away. WOMEN should not have the right to choose in their opinion.

But when it comes to their guns EVERYONE better get involved in making sure they can choose to buy whatever they want, whenever they want.

When it comes to weed, EVERYONE better get involved in stamping it out and fighting the war on drugs, except as it pertains to their medical marijuana and that roach that might be in their ashtray now and then.

When it comes to same-sex marriage, EVERYONE better be involved in protecting the sanctity of marriage so that heterosexuals can hoard that precious, “sacred” institution to themselves – along with defiling it by divorcing and remarrying and divorcing again because Goddess forbid gay people marry and make them look like assholes for not being able to hold it together. That would kind of cut through all the sanctimonious hypocrisy from that side of the aisle and they just can’t function without that.

576667594_hypocrite_1_answer_1_xlargeWhat does it all mean? If you’re going to be state’s rights, you have to respect the vote of the people across the board and live with it or move. You can’t pick and choose when the will of the people does and does not apply or should and should not apply based on your own personal preferences. When it doesn’t go your way, you can’t cry and beg the President to get involved or butt out only as it suits your agenda.

In short, you realize the world is changing whether you like it or not. We have a system in place, albeit a very screwed up system, but it’s ours. Not everything is going to go your way every time, or mine or anyone else’.

Believe what you will. Say what you want. But remember this – when you start taking freedoms and rights away from people or block their obtaining them, who says when the worm turns – and it always does – those same people won’t do the same to you? Who will be there to protect your freedoms and rights when that happens?

Do unto others and all that … the worm always turns …


3 thoughts on “Who Will Protect Your Freedoms When The Worm Turns?

  1. I am really concerned about the increasing polarization in the electorate. I am unclear if media news cycles, political consultants, or the weird web dynamic of intimacy/isolation are the cause. Folks forget that protection of the less popular was just as much a founding principle as majority rule.

    • What do you do then when the majority rule is not protecting the “less popular”? This is nothing new – changes have taken decades and been done so begrudgingly usually.

      • Typically in US history, minority protection has been primarily afforded through the courts. Abortion rights are a great on point example. Racial desegregation, decriminalizing gay acts, & limiting police behaviors have come through the courts instead of legislation. The founding fathers understood this enshrining certain rights in the constitution; then balancing the power to enforce through a judiciary that was not elected.

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