How Can You Not Be A Feminist?

By Amanda Fox

There is a movement of women, and some men mixed in for good measure, whom are leading what can only be viewed as an anti-feminist movement, yet they won’t call it that. Their core philosophy is that feminism has caused women to take steps back. They cite feminism as being irrational. They claim it it only leads to women become isolated. Then they claim that feminism is not what God wants.


The main gist of their view is that women should be leading a more biblical life without actually saying it. Women should be content to have a man caring for them. Women should be content to bear children and raise them with that being the primary focus of their life. Women should be not only content, but filled with joy to be — wait for it — subservient, which will fill their lives with love and joy the way only following God’s word can.


tumblr_static_feminism-is-radical-notion-magnet-_9362_I have no problem with any woman that wants to lead their life that way. It is after all their life and not mine. My main gripe against all of this is that it ignores what feminism has accomplished, is accomplishing and will accomplish in the future. There is no positive mention of the benefits of equal rights that have at least been obtained on paper. They forget that feminism played a key role in allowing married women many advances over just the last 40 years they would almost certainly fight to maintain if ordered to surrender.


Could you imagine any American woman, for example, deciding that giving up all control of their finances to their husband or eldest primary male relative is a good thing? Could you imagine them choosing to live in an era in which spousal rape is legal? Could you imagine them resubmitting to a life in which their marriage is arranged, they have no right to file for divorce or they couldn’t even legally allege a rape if they didn’t not only try to fight off their attacker but make sure that it was witnessed by a man (women didn’t count in those old days mind you) that was willing to say it happened? It really was not that long ago that a rape was said to have not occurred if a man didn’t witness it. How about just giving up the right to vote?


I can’t imagine any woman who in her rational mind wants to take those steps backward.


femisnotBefore anyone tries to put words in mouth, let’s be clear. Their is nothing wrong with a person living a life that is in accordance with their religious teachings. There is nothing wrong with a woman that chooses to be a mother and raise kids as her primary focus. If a woman chooses to willingly surrender her income to her husband or father’s full control, that is her call. We are free to do such things if we choose to. Whatever makes you happy and is legal, go for it. If you don’t want to vote, fine, just don’t bitch about elected officials you don’t like. THAT is part of what feminism is all about – the RIGHT a woman has to make her own choices even if her choice is to individually surrender some or all of her rights. Just because a handful of women are willing to do that in no way means all women should do that or that they are wrong or bad for not surrendering their rights, or “submitting” as the anti-feminist movement is fond of saying.


What I take exception to is painting women that want the ability to choose who they marry, when they marry and if they marry at all maintained. I disagree with the notion that women who don’t live to be subservient to a man and bear his children are missing out on life and are flouting what womanhood is all about. I vehemently oppose the concept that feminism is what is leading the world down a path of destruction. Has feminism started a world war? Has it been used to strip people of their basic human rights? Has it been used to do anything but attempt to level the playing field, providing women with rights they should already have without needing to lobby for them?


I urge anyone that is opposed to feminism to ask themselves why? Is feminism really hurting anyone? Is it taking away anything they cannot survive without? Why and how can anyone really be opposed to equality between the genders? While feminism and feminists are often painted as being radical by those who oppose it, my feeling is that is is more radical in this day and age to not be a feminist than it is – and that includes men that cannot support the fight for equality. We should all have the right to choose our own path, correct?


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