Being outspoken doesn’t = being a bitch

By Barbara Farina

Many people consider me to be a Bitch. Why? The answer is very simple, but wrong. I respect everyone’s opinions and even I am willing to discuss ideas with those who would like to. But this is what happens, I’m not exactly one of those women who shuts up. If I do not agree with what happens or what is said, I make my position clear.


This does not make me a bitch, I actually think it makes me intelligent and courageous to speak my mind whether it is popular or not. It all depends of who is the interlocutor.


We women, when speaking openly and intelligently through valid and clearly made  arguments, can destroy archaic or erroneous theories proposed by the other party. I wonder how a man that does the same is often labeled  … Oh yes, they say he is brilliant in its theory.


Outspoken, but not a bitch because of it

Outspoken, but not a bitch because of it

I faced this kind of thing for a long time. When I worked in politics many of my ideas were presented by others (men), because they knew and I knew, that if I did we would not get the credit we need. We still live in a society too chauvinistic where the same idea by a man and a woman does not have the same force and is not give the same credit to one than the other.


Fortunately I turned a lot of that stigma on it’s ear, but only for me. There are things that everyone should fight for themselves and this is one of those cases. If you want to be respected as an intelligent and capable woman then you have to face the fear of being labeled as a Bitch.


For us, when we talk and say what we think the feedback we receive is often that we are being a bitch. When we stand our ground concerning the issues that directly impact our lives and families, to defend our rights as women and human beings, we are definitely being labeled as Bithces far too easily and often.


The issue is that every woman with an average intelligence level who is unafraid to speak  is too often considered a Bitch.


Hillary_Clinton9235What amuses me is that if you are a woman, intelligent, independent, sure of yourself that translates into “It’s a Bitch” . Why? Just because nothing is scarier to a man or an institution, than a woman who can think. A woman who is as bright as many men or more. A woman who is not afraid to say what she thinks, what she feels, that screams to the world “I AM WOMAN AND I AM EQUAL TO ANY MAN”. We all have the same rights to express ourselves. but the fact that my beliefs or my thinking is different from many men and even to some women does not make me a Bitch.


I work hard, in many cases more than many men and that is why many consider me a bitch, especially if I have to give them some direction.


Many men who say they believe in equality between men and women change their minds when a woman does a better job than them. There is a lot of hypocrisy around this issue.


What is certain is that despite this, there are many men and women who have changed their thinking and accept that being firm and outspoken for the right reasons is not being a bitch, it’s just being an equal.


In my case, I can take it that I’m a bitch. I do not mind being called that. To me this shows the weakness of the person calling me that and makes it clear that I’m doing things right. I’m sure of myself. But not everyone feels the same about it. Any person of power feel threatened by intelligence.


speak-upWomen you have to talk, make yourself felt. If you believe in what you are saying, say it with conviction. Communication is the foundation to understanding each other. You can not please everyone and most important is that you be true to your beliefs.


Free yourself and ignore the comments of those with small minds and big fears.


Be free.


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