Rush Limbaugh Claims He Killed Feminism: Still Hasn’t Moved to Canada As Promised

By Amanda Fox

In a not so surprising “new” piece (and less surprising source), bloviating windbag extraordinaire  Rush Limbaugh has pronounced feminism as being dead. He also claims credit, or at least wants to be credited, with killing it off. In what has become typical of his increasingly disjointed arcs from point A to point B in which he stops at point D, F, Q and whichever one is filled with cheap prescription free Oxy and Viagra from Mexico, Rush did what he does best – he picked and chose the data that suits his needs.


35ay53A recent poll queried men and women as to whether or not they consider themselves to be feminists. Not too surprisingly, only about 28% stated that they identify as a feminist. What Rush decided to mostly ignore is the number comes in as what appears low for a few key reasons. One is that not a lot of men identify as feminists – quite a few are under the impression men can’t be feminists. This we’ll get into shortly.


In key demographics, feminism is not only alive and well, it’s actually growing – Rush decided to ignore this however. Feminism is very much on the rise – particularly among women under the age of 40 and most pronounced among women under 30 and those who identify as liberals. There is also the education correlation in that the more educated a woman, or man is, the more likely they are to identify as feminists.


I said I’d get into men and feminism, and here is what Rush ignored while doing his “extensive research”. The better educated a man is, the more likely he is to identify as a feminist. Among those that shun the feminist label or had no idea what feminism is, when asked if they supported the key elements of feminism (Equality, family planning rights, etc…) they did support most or all elements meaning they actually do support feminism, they just don’t know it or want to admit it.


rush-limbaugh-quotes-studWhen the data was looked at from a much more objective standpoint and in full, something Rush reused to do, feminism is actually more alive than ever. There is actually more support for feminism now than there was in the 60’s or 70’s. What Rush is doing is typical of what he usually does when his platform is failing – he presents data in a way that works for him and then he gets self righteous.


During his broadcast, Limbaugh went on to state that it his incessant hammering of the left over the past 25-28 years that has pointed out the flaws of feminism and it is why feminists are afraid of him and even coming after him. He never pointed out any specifics in all of this, just a general “they’re out to get me” type of thing. Sounds like paranoid drug delusions, but Rush would never use drugs… (Insert eye roll here)


rush-limbaugh-is-a-big-fat-racist-slobIn all honesty, would we expect any different from Rush? He’s never really been a fan of facts or data that he couldn’t manipulate to suit his ends. he’s never been a fan of true equality except as it exists among rich white guys. He’s been a hypocrite to the extreme in almost every aspect of his life whether it be his drug problems, multiple divorces, forgetting his years of unemployment when he was happy to get what he calls “government handouts” he bashes others for taking, racial equality (just flip through his transcripts during the Trayvon Martin time-frame)  or pretty much anything that would challenge the security blanket of rich white maleness he sleeps under.

525605_370395293000455_205787026127950_1060502_1950297155_nRegardless of what “El Rushbo”, as he is calling himself now, is stating, feminism is alive and well. What he is missing or ignoring is that feminism is actually growing. it may be going by multiple names and many people obviously don’t even know they support feminism but the concepts them self are moving forward and women and men alike are still attacking the idiocy of those who would attempt to destabilize equality and feminism.


Score one for Rush for being able to get his dittoheads all riled up, and score one for feminism as well. The more Rush’s dittoheads blindly consume what comes out of him, the easier it is to make them look like fools when we get to engage them in any discussion requiring facts or logic.In other news, Rush is still living in the US and enjoying the freedoms that allow him to be paid for being the (insert adjective of your choice here), he is. He still has not moved to Canada, as promised if Obama was re-elected, and we can only wonder – more evidence of hypocrisy or was Canada smart enough to say no?


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