Guns and spandex: Just because you can buy some doesn’t mean you should.

By Amanda Fox

At 1:47pm on Mother’s Day, the shooting at the New Orleans’ Mother’s Day parade reminded us all, once again, nothing is sacred. Not schools. Not world famous famous sporting events. Not a gathering of people celebrating the givers of life. 19 injured people now have a reminder of that they will never shake.


This is yet another example of the most senseless of violence. What possible reason could anyone have for opening fire on a crowd like that? Mothers. Children. The elderly. They were all heavily represented in that crowd along with the men in their lives. I detest acts like this, but what really got under my skin was all the moronic speculation as to the how and why of it all.


I know better than to read the comments left behind on articles by random readers. I have pretty effectively cleansed the areas I socialize online from those that see horrific occurrences as a platform to put forth their theories on the Illuminati, Freemasons, the government, God and foreign forces come here to harm us. Somehow, that kind of crap still seems to find me.


Within an hour of the time I learned of the shootings, I began cruising through articles and updates from wherever I could find them. As senseless as the shooting itself and those that carried it out are, I was actually amazed at the callous senselessness of those who couldn’t help but put in their two twisted cents on it.


mZpjKI knew there would be the false flag crowd coming out screaming the government staged the shooting so they have a reason to strip us of more rights. I saw those who chimed in that it wasn’t worth covering because no one died. I saw the crowd that claimed it had to be foreign terrorists and used it as an excuse to bash Islam and proselytize regarding the coming rapture and getting “right with Christ.” Then I saw the inevitable posts littering dozens of blogs, almost immediately, claiming that if the crowd was armed, it never would have happened and it was Obama’s fault those people were shot.


That last group really gets under my skin. I am adept with firearms. I have been through training as a part of my former profession to use pretty much anything that fires a round from a 9mm on up through the M-16A and even some rounds from a widowmaker. I learned how to use a weapon against a stationary target, moving target, in the field and in a crowd. I will make no bones about being very much in favor of protecting the right to bear arms.


Not everyone that can own a gun should own a gun

Not everyone that can own a gun should own a gun

However, I am also in favor of more stringent screening, mandatory gun safety classes that are refreshed every few years (at least), insuring guns and gun holders, making certain models and modifications illegal and stricter penalties for illegal possession and discharge. I know we can and should be doing it better than we are now. I know that isn’t a perfect or immediate solution, but we have to start somewhere.


The other thing I know is that the claims that a well armed crowd would either deter or quickly end shootings such as what we saw in New Orleans are crap. If someone makes up their mind they are willing to sacrifice them self to take out others, they will find a way to carry out their plans. When targets are moving, even trained professionals aren’t very accurate at greater than 14 feet, Untrained shooters are far worse. Shaq is more accurate shooting free throws than untrained shooters are at successfully hitting a moving target.


The other point that is often ignored is that the more weapons that are being discharged, the more injuries there are. Sure, someone may very well get the gunmen, but they may also hit people near the gunmen. They may hit people fleeing the scene. Who knows what they will hit? Who knows how many bodies will hit the deck? It’s one of the most idiotic arguments for protecting the right to bear arms in existence – never mind the right was actually designed to ensure we had a well armed militia at a time when that was of the utmost importance – not to ensure every idiot that wanted a gun could have one.


We need to better control who has the guns

We need to better control who has the guns

We are always going to live with violence. It sucks, but that’s reality. Arming more people won’t end violence, it will just beget more violence  Incidents with several victims could easily turn into incidents with a couple dozen victims. Maybe it is time to reassess the “right” to bear arms and consider, maybe just toss around, operating under the concept of the “privilege” to bear arms. If you want them, you can have them, but you have to earn it. Guns are a lot like spandex in that regard, just because you can buy some doesn’t mean you should.


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