The top 10 women killing feminism

By: Grace Alexander

Women’s rights and feminism go hand in hand – but we  can see some truly horrendous cases of women standing up AGAINST women’s rights, contributing to the war on women. These are the women who made us cringe in 2012 by virtue of their anti-woman stances.


In no particular order:


Gov. Jan Brewer

1. Jan Brewer. The female governor of the state of Arizona has committed multiple crimes against the women of her jurisdiction, but perhaps the most appalling is the “pre-pregnancy” bill, which defines the date of conception as the day of a woman’s last period. The bill also contained mandates for forced ultrasounds and prevented simple, medically induced abortions from being readily obtained. Brewer also signed the “Jezebel” bill, which would permit employers to question women about their contraception medication to find out if they were using it for sexual purposes.


2. Janis Lane. This Tea Party leader from the state of Mississippi complains bitterly and publicly about women in politics (despite her own position); and when the Jackson Free Press asked, “Do you think there are too many male politicians telling women what to do with their bodies?” she replied, “Probably the biggest turn we ever made was when the women got the right to vote. Our country might have been better off if it was still just men voting.”


3. Nikki Haley. The recently elected female governor of the state of South Carolina was on The View when asked about her stance on women’s rights – she responded quickly with the claim that, “Women don’t care about contraception.” Haley quickly backpedaled (replacing her claim with the notion that the government is somehow forcing women to use contraception via the Affordable Care Act), but she went on to sign two pro-birth bills and cut half a million dollars from rape crisis centers across the state.



image4895111x 4. Michelle Bachmann. This Minnesota Congresswoman made a bid for the Republican presidential candidacy, but went down in flames. Her track record of voting against women’s rights, denying the existence of a war on women, introducing legislation mandating forced ultrasounds for women seeking abortion makes her one of the top ten anti-woman women around. Oh, and don’t forget Bachmann partnered with Supreme Court Justice Scalia in efforts to “educate” other members of Congress on how to vote in order to support Scalia’s virulently misogynistic definition of the Constitution.




5. Ann Coulter. The conservative political pundit also believes that women are just too stupid to vote, saying “If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat president… women are voting so stupidly, at least single women.” Coulter also believes killing abortion providers is not murder, and claims widows of the 9/11 terrorist attacks were paparazzi hungry broads “enjoying their husbands’ deaths too much”. Ouch.


6. Ann Romney. Wife of the Republican candidate for President of the United States of America, Romney repeatedly belittled the majority of American women. In many cases, she tried to compare her life with that of the average mom, despite the fact that she was inordinately wealthy, had nannies for her children, got a five figure tax break on her dressage horse, and never worked in her life. She objected to repeated requests for financial records from “you people”, then topped it all off by saying: “I love the fact that there are women out there who don’t have a choice and they must go to work and they still have to raise the kids.”



7. Liz Trotta. This Fox News pundit complained about the amount of money requested by feminist groups to address the increasing issue of rape of women in the military. “The sexual abuse report says that there has been, since 2006, a 64% increase in violent sexual assaults. Now, what did they expect? You have this whole bureaucracy upon bureaucracy being built up with all kinds of levels of people to support women in the military who are now being raped too much. [The purpose of the military is] to defend and protect us, not the people who were fighting the war.” Raped too much??!!



rihannapostchrisbrown 8. Rihanna. The popular singer makes the list because of her deliberate choice to go back to the man who repeatedly tuned her up. Don’t get me wrong. This has nothing to do with whether or not Rihanna likes sex, or whatever she may personally feel about S&M, or what lyrics and images are contained in her music videos. Rihanna has effectively told hundreds of thousands of women who look up to and admire her (as well as men who are fans) that domestic abuse is acceptable. That’s sad.



9. Stephanie Meyer and E.L. James. This duo gets a slot for creating a fantasyland where boyfriends who stalk, control and hurt you are the ideal. Meyer’s Twilight series and James’ subsequent rip-off “fanfic turned respectable” 50 Shades novels are both insulting to women, and the number of extremely young teens being allowed to read the latter is frightening. A man who forces you to do things you don’t want to do in exchange for attention/love isn’t sexy. It’s abusive.


20121220-charlotte_allen_misogynist10.Charlotte Allen. In a stunning show of anti-feminism and disrespect for the brave women who literally gave their lives for children during the Sandy hook elementary school massacre, Allen wrote: “There was not a single adult male on the school premises when the shooting occurred. In this school of 450 students… all the personnel — the teachers, the principal, the assistant principal, the school psychologist, the “reading specialist” — were female. There didn’t even seem to be a male janitor to heave his bucket at Adam Lanza’s knees*. Women and small children are sitting ducks for mass-murderers…. [A] feminized setting is a setting in which helpless passivity is the norm.”


*Yes, because that would have TOTALLY solved the problem.


These women are, for lack of a better word, traitors to their gender. They promote the war on women with their words and actions. There is no excuse for them.


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