Jenny McCarthy And The Anti-Vaccine Movement: Pseudoscience At It’s Worst

The news that Jenny McCarthy will join “The View” has sparked plenty of discussion. Not because she her mark on the entertainment primarily because she proved adept at stripping her clothes, which is perfectly fine with us, but because to be blunt, she’s a bit of a nutcase. McCarthy is the default celebrity spokesperson AGAINST vaccinations.She believes they cause darn near every illness under the sun including autism which she claims her child contracted via vaccinations and she cured with an organic diet.
As soon as the news broke that McCarthy was going to have a pulpit to spread her anti-vaccination views, (no pun intended) the Internet immediately divided into two separate camps. There is the camp on her side and one against. Each has a right to their opinion, but only the camp against has hard science on their side.

McCarthy's own Doctor

McCarthy’s own Doctor

McCarthy has a lot going against her. Almost the entire pediatric community is against her. Numerous peer reviewed duplicated studies are against her. Science is against her. History is against her. Science is against her. Heck, even common sense is against her. So what is on her side? Her story of curing her son on her own which hasn’t seemed to work for anyone else and a study that she bases her entire stance upon – which has been debunked and patently proved as a propagandist piece of information in which the doctor conducting it admitted under oath to manipulating the numbers to get the slant he wanted.

Vaccinations save lives. We know this. McCarthy and her ilk are so far beyond any point of reason or logic they are treading water in a sea of retarded mentality.

vaccine-copyAnd before you start getting all uppity about me saying that, let’s look at the facts. Vaccinations have been a standard part of healthcare for about 80 years now and the formulations have changed very little. Why then wasn’t autism being diagnosed at the rate it is now back in the 1940’s for instance? Why is it that it’s been the last decade that autism diagnoses have skyrocketed by almost 100x – vaccinations, or that the autism spectrum has been broadened out immensely and there is some serious $$ to made with the diagnosis because it is never ending treatment basically?

Autism was often called childhood schizophrenia, childhood psychosis or just the weird kid in school. In order to be diagnosed with autism, kids had to be almost wholly non-verbal, have a low IQ and be nearly completely withdrawn from all human interaction. When it became the broad umbrella of ASD and they started including Aspies and even kids that just seem a little off socially, the numbers were bound to rise.
Ms. B. Hall, a medical professional, stated “For some extremely annoying reason, incorrect information speeds through the field and then the general public, but the later correction takes years if not decades to travel. For another instance: the researcher who thought he’d found a cause/effect link between low serotonin and depression later recanted, admitting he’d been mistaken, but few people know that.”

Another medical professional. Ms. A. Fujishima stated: “Most people pinpoint the mercury used in the vaccinations, what they don’t realize is it’s not the same mercury that is viewed as toxic, like, say, what is in a thermometer. The mercury used in vaccinations is naturally occurring all around us, we eat that stuff every day. Thimerosal (which is in some vaccinations) contains ethyl mercury, which is chemically different from methyl mercury (which is found in thermometers and in the fish many want to shove down their craw). People hear the word “mercury” and fly off the deep-end without even having the facts to back up their insanity.”

In an interview with Jeffeey Kluger, McCarthy had this to say to his questioning her belief mercury exposure via vaccinations was responsible for the rise autism: “We don’t believe it’s only the mercury. Aluminum and other toxins also play a role. The viruses in the vaccines themselves can be causing it, too.”

561286_493297960740218_790434548_nShe cites her “evidence” as being that between 1983 and 2008 that autism diagnoses has escalated along with the incline of vaccination rates. She ignores the FACT that there is almost 1000 times more aluminum in a typical antacid as a vaccination. Why don’t Rolaids, then, cause Autism? Why does she ignore that in the same 15 year period she uses as the basis of her “evidence” that childhood obesity has increased as well as diabetes? McCarthy has gone on the record as to being against vaccinations such as Polio as well and has clearly and constantly echoed this sentiment:

“I do believe sadly it’s going to take some diseases coming back to realize that we need to change and develop vaccines that are safe. If the vaccine companies are not listening to us, it’s their f___ing fault that the diseases are coming back. They’re making a product that’s s___. If you give us a safe vaccine, we’ll use it. It shouldn’t be polio versus autism.”

182852_508087579261256_2130214309_nMcCarthy, however, goes on to say that she isn’t against vaccines. She wants BETTER vaccines. She believes in her heart of hearts that whatever vaccination a child receives somehow leads to another disease – a trade-off of ills. She ignores that she was vaccinated and contracted no other ills as have countless other people when saying this so straight-faced. She ignores the obvious. She states the same in regard to diabetes and ADD and ADHD.

Yes, there are children with autism. I am not arguing that. I am simply arguing that you cannot prove with ANY legitimate scientific research that vaccinations cause autism. The above stated reasons along with the bullshit autism alternative cure industry and paranoid as hell conspiracy theory nuts are what is driving all this talk about vaccinations being bad.
Just because a child is vaccinated doesn’t mean they will get autism or the incidence of it occurring would be a hell of a lot higher that less than 1%. Loose correlation does not equal causation.


One thought on “Jenny McCarthy And The Anti-Vaccine Movement: Pseudoscience At It’s Worst

  1. Reblogged this on Autism Mom – Temporary Storm Dweller and commented:
    ABC has done this to increase their ratings. Look at all the attention it has brought. I’m somewhere in between as far as vaccines go, we need them to be safe. The drug companies and corporate America will be busy until September making sure she knows what can be called her “view”. I look forward to hearing her point even if it gets watered down. Thanks!!

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