Exceptional Is All Around Us

By: Amanda Fox

I want to take a second to talk about being exceptional. It’s not something we usually cover here – usually we have rants and raves and we tear it up, but sometimes, you just have to stop and take a second to look at life from a different perspective. You have to remind yourself of the good in the world and the good in yourself even.


exceptionalEach day, we have the opportunity to be exceptional. It would seem that it’s so much easier to just sit back and bitch and moan or leave being exceptional for someone else. Who has the time? Who has the desire? Who really cares? We care… We all should. And we all can be exceptional because being exceptional really takes very little effort when you look at it with fresh eyes and true desire.


When we think of something exceptional, we tend to think of the seven wonders, the top athlete, high earning performers and things like that. But exceptional is often, and can be, small things repeated over and over and over again.


Exceptional is the teacher that takes the time to work with each of her students that need the extra help and support.


Exceptional is the parent(s) that constantly sacrifice to make sure their children have the best opportunities possible so that maybe, just maybe if they want to grasp it, they can have a better life and in turn do the same for their children.


Exceptional is the person that does the thankless but necessary jobs in life that we all depend upon to function, not only with a  smile, but to the best of their abilities because they take pride in what they do.


Exceptional is the person that stands up and defends those who need to be defended. Whether that be a soldier, the kid (or adult) who stands up to a bully and the many millions of voices who each and every day make their voice heard so that one day all people can be true equals regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or any factor.


Exceptional is someone like Jim Rienstra who is “Pedaling for Pennies” on a 15,000 mile Pan-America bike tour in order to raise money for cancer research.


TheDifferenceBetweenAverageAndExceptionalExceptional is all around is! It is people we meet online sometimes. It’s people we grew up with. Sometimes it’s a family member and it should be each and every single one of us! It can be each and every one of us.

Doing the right thing, whether it seems big or small, whether anyone is watching or not, whether credit is attributed or not is always a BIG thing and always the RIGHT thing. Sometimes it isn’t easy. Sometimes it isn’t popular. Regardless, it always makes a difference in the grand scheme of things, sometimes far greater than we may ever know.

Be exceptional today and everyday!


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