When hatred takes control

By: Barbara Fariña

I’m not sure how to begin to write this without ending up fighting with someone, or perhaps with everyone. Normally I believe in taking a position regarding conflicts, but on this occasion , and far from wanting to play at being Switzerland and staying neutral, I do not think it’s a good idea to take such a radical position in the light of events.

I’m about to lose faith in humanity. When I say humanity, what I mean is that thing that makes us human. Apparently, some people, when it comes to a war like what is happening in Gaza, forget that when they take a position that their are people on the other side as well. Conflict is not one-sided. Nobody wins in a war. There are all kinds of losses on both sides, and if we cannot understand that, then we were not paying attention to history.

Let me tell you what I can see: HATE. Israel hates Palestine. Palestine hates Israel. People from other countries choose a side and end up hating who does not think like them. In social networks you can see how people clearly choose to support a country without stopping to think for a 10371399_10203982522740604_5823333519523048300_nsecond that’s what happens on the other side. It is easy make a comment when you do not have to live in conflict on a daily basis. The crack is deepening and the divisions between human beings is getting bigger. The authorities of the countries involved make supporting releases on Twitter because each one attacks the other. And that ladies and gentlemen is called write the story. The story of war, the horror, the absurd justification that they believe they have the right to kill another person. Hatred seems to be contagious. At least some people seem very vulnerable to this feeling.

It’s scary to think how this will end, in what will be transformed. I do not care what religion they are, whatever their economic interests, nor what their boundaries. This time, I abstain from laying position by either party, but I’m going to set my position and that of many others. Perhaps we are a minority but we still have a voice. I say enough war. Enough death. Stop killing and stop deleting a newborn generation from the planet. I want PEACE!!

The only fight we should be carrying out should be for Peace. Some concepts we should always remember are freedom, justice, human rights, humanity, peace, kindness, love, life, mercy … and so on. A society based on the principle of destruction will never survive.

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