Personhood – If abortion is murder, so too is male masturbation

Mississippi is at it again with another drive toward personhood. A few years ago, the initiative failed, but now, they think they have the wording that will sway opinions and push a new bill through assuming they can get the 100k+ signatures needed to appear on the 2015 ballot. I don’t live in Mississippi. I’m biologically incapable of producing more children. It’s a year away assuming it makes the ballot.

So, why do I care about this?

Because it’s bad. It’s bad on multiple levels. It’s bad for prochoice women. It’s bad for right to life women as well. It’s potentially bad for pregnant women and it could be a massive game changer for women trying to conceive that need a little help. Potentially, it could be disastrous for doctors. It could rip families apart in a irreparable manner. Plus, I don’t understand how anyone using a shred of logic cannot see this proposed bill for what it is – forcing religious beliefs on everyone – believers and non-believers of this particular flavor of faith alike.

If you don’t know what personhood is, or the exact definition of it confuses you, get in line. In some cases, personhood states you become a person once a pregnancy test is positive. That is a rarely used definition these days because it is seen as antiquated 1950’s stuff. More often, it defines life as beginning at fertilization. In more extreme cases, it defines life as beginning at ovulation. Some go a step further and define life as beginning 1-2 weeks prior to a menstrual cycle beginning. That would mean an egg that is not even in play yet already has the rights of a human being.

Think about that.

That’s what this is really all about – when is a human a human? Usually, I’d get hot and heavy on this., but I want everyone to step back…. take a breath… Have a cup of coffee maybe. Let’s just consider, what a world in which personhood, which defined as a human is a human as soon as an egg is present (fertilized or not), would be like.

A couple has failed to have a child after years of trying. They decide to go the IVF route. But wait, they can’t. Why? The egg is a human with full rights of a human under the 14th amendment. Nothing that may endanger it’s “life” can be done to it. That includes freezing it. It could include harvesting eggs as well as there are scattered minimal instances in which n egg is damaged. Assuming you could go through the procedure in a manner that met personhood laws, the odds of success are significantly diminished. Without freezing, eggs are implanted to a traumatized uterus. If it fails to survive, is that murder?

It’s a serious question. The possibility of it being considered a murder would drive insurance rates for fertility specialists through the roof and make the few that would chance offering a service for only the richest. It’s a massive chance they would be taking.

Now, let’s look at this another way – a simpler. A woman has an ectopic pregnancy. It’s not that rare – about 2% of all pregnancies are ectopic. Working of the latest stats which peg pregnancies, worldwide, at 208 million, there are about 4.16 million ectopic pregnancies annually. Here’s where it gets even scarier, because this is an implantation problem and not something the right vitamins or a fat ban account cures  – pregnant women have no rights regarding how to handle an ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancies are life threatening. It’s basically a hemorrhage and if untreated it is too often fatal. About half resolve on their own, but that means half don’t as well. Under personhood laws, the fetus has done nothing willfully wrong, even if it’s existence may kill the host mother, therefore, back to the 14th amendment, it cannot be removed. Even if the fetus has a 0% chance of survival, it has the rights a human has and as an ‘Innocent” it’s rights actually trump those of the mother.

Now, let’s say you are pregnant and you have a glass of wine once every few weeks. Even if your doctor tells you, as so many do, that an occasional glass of wine is okay, under personhood, it isn’t. Why? Well, one reason is because there is a minuscule chance it could harm the fetus. On the side of what we’d assume is ridiculous, but not so much in light of recent news and this possible legislation, almost anything you do could be said to harm your fetus. Refuse pre-natal vitamins? That could be harm. Jogging? Someone could argue that is harm. Work long hours? … Harm… Don’t sleep 7-8 hours each night? Harm. Indulge in spicy food too often? Harm. Standing on a chair to dust cupboards? Harm. You might fall!

It’s so ridiculous, that about all you can do is sit still and act as incubator. But then again, not exercising at all could be deemed harmful. See how this could easily spiral out of control? Consider that woman who didn’t even know she was pregnant – and skied and fell – found out in the hospital she was 6 weeks along – and was charged with child endangerment. She didn’t even KNOW yet! It was only 6 weeks along….

One last look at this. No matter what the circumstances are – under personhood, you can NEVER abort the fetus. Or endanger an egg. EVER! No matter if the mother will die. No matter if the child will die upon delivery or even in-utero. No matter if mother and fetus will die. No abortions ever, for any reason. Period. Dr. Clifton W. Story who is a personhood advocate stated he believes it is more important to save the fetuses than the mothers that would die without legal, safe access to abortions. Of course, he bases that on his religious beliefs as do most personhood activists.

Here’s my question. If it takes a man and a woman to fertilize an egg – where’s all the laws that are restricting the reproductive rights of men? Where are they? Just as an egg is nothing without sperm, a sperm is nothing without an egg. Yet for some reason, we focus on the eggs. We focus on the mother. Yes, she does carry the fertilized egg to term – no argument there, but the sperm donor is 50% responsible for there being something to carry.

So if we want to be fair and equal, no masturbation for men. Every time they masturbate, they are abandoning potential children. The sperm become non-viable and die. Male masturbation is murder! Let’s start legislating that. Let’s start saying that since men are half of fertilizing an egg, why aren’t they charged with child endangerment when they drink alcohol? Or smoke pot? Or wear underwear that is too tight or do ANYTHING that can decrease their sperm count or potentially make them non-viable or damaged? And if they want to do all those things —- snip snip bitch! Get snipped and do whatever you want. And to go a step further, since men are responsible for fertilizing a woman’s egg, and if the fertilized egg is a person, if the woman is charged with ANYTHING that potentially endangers that child, the father faces the same charge. A good father looks after the humans he helps create so there ya go! He should have been paying attention to what his baby momma was doing!

Does that seem fair?  If it doesn’t, why not? Because we’re used to a world where the woman carries the child and the man can walk away whenever? Creating a child is a 50-50 proposition and good or bad, EVERYTHING should be split 50-50. If you can legislate a woman’s reproductive rights, so too should we be able to do to men.


Who Will Protect Your Freedoms When The Worm Turns?

By Amanda Fox

I know that not everyone is a fan of the President and by some polls, about the same amount aren’t big fans of abortion either. To be honest, I’m not wearing a party hat and yelling “Yay for abortions, let’s all go get one this weekend!” either, but you can bet I am glad we have the ability to legally obtain, and for now at least, the right to decide on an individual basis if we personally need them or not. I think anyone that is a fan of personal freedoms has to be an advocate of the right to choose or they’re just being hypocritical. It’s my opinion, I’m entitled to it.

What gets me though, I mean really gets under my skin, was reading the news over the weekend. President Obama reiterated  as he has many times before, that abortion needs to remain legal and that states have got to be stopped from undermining that with all this, I’ll say what he didn’t, bullshit about transvaginal wands and scare tactic counseling that is being mandated left and right.



What got me riled up was that there were so many people opposed to abortion screaming the President needed to step back and shut up. He had no business criticizing any state for any choice they make – even if it is asinine. Even if it infringes on personal freedoms. No… he is supposed to sit there and do nothing… except when….

They want him to intervene and tell states they need to back off on guns and end these waiting periods and restrictions and so much ATF oversight creating red tape because no one should be denied the right to obtain assault rifles on demand. I’m an NRA member almost 25 years and even I think we need better regulations and oversight so don’t think I’m against the right to bear arms, I just want us to have a better idea who is actually being armed.

1docThey want the federal government to step in and intervene, in Colorado for instance, and tell the State legislature that they need to ignore the will of the people and not allow marijuana to be legalized in any manner. Aside from the little bit they have for their glaucoma and maybe the occasional joint at a party, and maybe just a little here and there and ….


They want to scream at him that he can’t let the federal government get involved in any manner with same-sex marriage because it is all about the choice the people of each state make, but he damn well better make sure that there are laws in place at the federal level to NOT allow those same sex marriages.


Do you see the common thread?

There is a group of people out there that is very vocal about wanting to make sure that women don’t have any choice when it comes to abortion. They want the states and federal government in there taking that choice away. WOMEN should not have the right to choose in their opinion.

But when it comes to their guns EVERYONE better get involved in making sure they can choose to buy whatever they want, whenever they want.

When it comes to weed, EVERYONE better get involved in stamping it out and fighting the war on drugs, except as it pertains to their medical marijuana and that roach that might be in their ashtray now and then.

When it comes to same-sex marriage, EVERYONE better be involved in protecting the sanctity of marriage so that heterosexuals can hoard that precious, “sacred” institution to themselves – along with defiling it by divorcing and remarrying and divorcing again because Goddess forbid gay people marry and make them look like assholes for not being able to hold it together. That would kind of cut through all the sanctimonious hypocrisy from that side of the aisle and they just can’t function without that.

576667594_hypocrite_1_answer_1_xlargeWhat does it all mean? If you’re going to be state’s rights, you have to respect the vote of the people across the board and live with it or move. You can’t pick and choose when the will of the people does and does not apply or should and should not apply based on your own personal preferences. When it doesn’t go your way, you can’t cry and beg the President to get involved or butt out only as it suits your agenda.

In short, you realize the world is changing whether you like it or not. We have a system in place, albeit a very screwed up system, but it’s ours. Not everything is going to go your way every time, or mine or anyone else’.

Believe what you will. Say what you want. But remember this – when you start taking freedoms and rights away from people or block their obtaining them, who says when the worm turns – and it always does – those same people won’t do the same to you? Who will be there to protect your freedoms and rights when that happens?

Do unto others and all that … the worm always turns …

The Key Word In Pro-Choice Is CHOICE!!

By Amanda Fox

I am pro-choice regarding abortion and have been since as long as I understood what abortion was. I’m un-apologetic about that because I see no need to apologize for it. It’s a medical procedure and it is the choice of each woman as to whether or not it is necessary for them. If you have the uterus, you control it. That has always been my philosophy on it. I’m used to being called all the names so many pro-choicers are – in fact I haven’t heard a new and creative name in so long I’m starting to think I’ve heard them all.

Being called names doesn’t bother me. I think it speaks more to the character of the person hurling insults than it does to the insulted.What bothers me is that far too many people on the pro-life, or as I more aptly see it too often, the pro-birth side of the equation don’t really have any clue what being pro-choice is or why it’s important. My feeling is that if you are going to be against something, you damn well better understand what it is you are up against.

tumblr_mbyaooGEGH1qkx16go1_500I am pro-choice, but that doesn’t actually mean that I like abortion. Let that sink in a second. I am in favor of any woman having the choice and right to make the decision to have an abortion on demand as soon as she reaches the conclusion that it is the best choice for her. That doesn’t mean I like abortion. No woman likes abortion. Having an abortion is not like having a Saturday picnic. It is a gut wrenching choice to make. It does carry some risks. It is not something entered into lightly. To portray it as anything less is arrogant and asinine.

I also take offense to the abortion of a fetus being painted as the murder of a human. I had a recent exchange with a real pile of skull-jelly that contended my stance that a fetus is basically a parasite, was incorrect and that at conception, a human being was formed. I look at this way. If an organism depends on a host for survival, it is a parasite. You can’t pull a fetus out of the womb and it breathe on it’s own. It won’t take nourishment. It isn’t developed enough to survive with even the best technology science has to offer. That, to me, is a parasite. Yes, if carried to term, it is human, but not until it can survive on it’s own.
Once Mr. Skull-jelly, who has never had a baby nor is a parent, gave up arguing the science, he went to arguing emotion.

“When you were born could you survive on your own? You needed people to feed you didn’t you?”

Well of course I needed to be fed. But I could also breathe on my own. I could evacuate my waste on my own. My brain was functioning. Comparing a living outside the womb child to a partially developed blob of tissue is not really the same thing. If that sounds insensitive, so be it, but that is what a fetus is.



Makes you think - CHOICE!!

Makes you think – CHOICE!!

When appeals to emotion didn’t work, Mr. Skull-jelly moved on to the ultimate fall back – religion. I take offense to religion being used not only because it is devoid of science, but it has nothing to do with this choice – at least it shouldn’t. Mr. Skull-Jelly stated that the US is a Christian nation founded on Christian principles (which isn’t worth refuting now as many know better and hardly all of the US is Christian) and we don’t have the right to destroy what God created.

My answer to this was a simple series of questions designed to see if this was true:

“Do you drive a car that emits pollution and damages our atmosphere and living organisms including yourself?

“Do you ever use ant traps, roach motels or sprays or kill living organisms that you determine are pests?”

“Do you drink to excess or smoke (both of which I knew he did), ingest chemicals and preservatives that damage your organs or go to the beach and work up a nice tan that cooks your pasty skin golden brown after two of three burn and peel sessions?”

I knew the answer to every question was yes and couldn’t be denied. At that point, the rational person would have to stop being high and mighty and admit hypocrisy. It’s not about destroying something God made, it’s a matter of just not liking abortion, and to be blunt, if you don’t like abortions then don’t have one. I don’t like smoking Pall Malls so I don’t.

As humans, we have a certain arrogance. We forget that at the end of the day we are just highly evolved primates. We think ourselves so much better than the rest of the animal kingdom. Other animals don’t abort their young as we do, they wait for them to be born and abandon them. If you doubt that, ask any zoologist or pick up a National Geographic sometime. Lions will eat their young. Gazelles will abandon runts. It’s no secret. Sometimes, we have no idea why animals abandon their young. They just do. Maybe it is because on some level they know they aren’t prepared to care for it.

Aborting a fetus that is unwanted is a hell of a lot more compassionate than waiting for it to be born and then choking it with a dirt clod – as was done in Africa at one time or abandoning children to drown in rivers as happened in China not that long ago when the one child policy was enacted.

The point being, abortion is not a bad thing. It is not murder. You are in favor of it or you are not and either side is okay – so long as it remains legal.

How can I say that? You can disagree with abortion all you want – so long as it remains legal.

tumblr_mhgg49LEcU1roheulo1_400I can say that because unless you are the densest of the dense, you know outlawing abortion won’t stop it. it will just send it back underground where countless women will be permanently damaged, or die, for want of access to a safely performed medical procedure.

And I promise you this – the vast majority of the pro-birth movement is one unplanned pregnancy away from being very pro-choice. Maybe it will be your mother, sister, wife or daughter, but once that “oh shit!” moment hits and a woman realizes there is no way she is prepared for a baby, stances tend to soften quite a bit concerning abortion being bad. When they do, wouldn’t it be nice if they could have it done safely and not in some fly-by hotel room type clinic like it used to be or having to go abroad or carrying it to term and then dumping it on someone else to support it when so many kids are already without homes and zero promise of finding one?

baby_is_prochoiceSo … when you claim to be pro-life, understand what being that and being pro-choice really means. No woman dreams of having an abortion as a little girl, but dammit, when they need one, they damn well better be able to get a safe and legal one. It isn’t murdering a human. It doesn’t mean someone is a bad person. You don’t have to like it. The thing is, however, you better be glad the choice exists because you never know who in your family may need it.