Right to live … but just as I say

By: Barbara Farina

As usual Amanda Fox got me thinking. This time a bit by accident but it is always a good thing.


Vladimir_Putin_12015We all have different views and visions about Putin’s participation in the alleged solution to the problem with Syria.

But among all this mess, suddenly I could not help but notice that to Putin, it is okay to hide the facts regarding discrimination in his own country.

Why is he being hailed as part of the solution to the conflict with Syria while discriminates against the gay community? Not that bringing peace is a bad thing at all, but why not bring peace to his own people as well?


3fd83112In further evidence of intolerance, Russian President Vladimir Putin sanctioned in July of this year a law which, among other things, prohibits alleged gay propaganda. Whether in person, internet or any means of communication, if the government sees some nontraditional sexual propaganda that could potentially wind up in front of children (so says the law), that person will be punished with fines of between 100 and 125 euros for each of these events. Now, if these acts of free speech, or as I think it would be correct to call, HUMAN RIGHTS, are carried out by legal entities fines would be around 20,000 euros and if they are done by a foreign person, they would be expelled from the country.


Most troubling about this situation is that 80% of Russians are in favor of this law, and 40% agreed with prosecution and punishment homosexuals. Why? Well, I can think of several good answers and none of them say much good about Putin or the 80% of Russians in agreement with him.

Remember, we are in the 21st century. It would be stupid to just say “get with the times” as an argument, although it is quite obvious that he still acting like the old Soviet Union leaders. We can say that the development of education, tolerance and freedom are still issues to improve in Russia.


In 2014 the Winter Olympics will be held in Russia, more precisely in Sochi. Of course to not allow any person who is homosexual to participate which generated quite a stir in the world, is an insane concept, it is presenting a serious dilemma for many. Both in the Americas, and Europe, marches and protests are held over this, as many of us believe in the fact that we are all human. Personally I do not care nor is it my problem whom wants to get married to who, or who dates who, or who you want to sleep with.

I’m from Argentina and in my country, as in many others in the world, people of the same sex can marry and have the same rights as any heterosexual couple. And the reality is that there is no reason to be otherwise since we are all human.


At least of course unless you’re a bigot, fascist, retrograde thinking that homosexuality is an illness.

So Putin has several problems these days. The differences between him and Obama on this issue is just one of many. And for some of us that he wants peace in Syria while pursuing all those who think differently to him in his own country is at least one big warning more trouble is to come.

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